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About the Nilssons

Stefan and Binget Nilsson are your hosts along with their three children, Kjell (born 1999), Bjorn (born 2002), and Annika (born 2004). They moved to Seward in February of 1996.

Binget grew up in Kenai, Alaska and spent many years fishing salmon on the banks of the Kenai River. After finishing college at the University of Washington in Seattle (1990), she put her pack on her back and went travelling down to New Zealand.

In February of 1990, Stefan and Binget met on a bus (“The Magic Bus”) on the South Island of New Zealand and fell in love. At the end of the trip, neither thought they would see the other again. But it was God’s plan that they be together, and through interesting circumstances (and a helpful German friend!), they finally decided to be together and were married September 19, 1992 in Kenai.

Your hosts love living in Alaska with their children, and appreciate the great outdoor opportunities that abound in the Seward area. Binget has a history in mountain climbing and has extensive knowledge of the trails and mountains in and around Seward. If you love to hike, bike, run the trails, or climb some of the local peaks…she can point you in the right direction! Stefan’s big love is hunting and fishing. He will be able to tell you the right lake or river for Dolly Varden, Rainbows, and Grayling...and he may even share his secrets about what the halibut and salmon are biting in Resurrection Bay ! They are excited to be able to share their outdoor experiences with you.